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Let's enhance your productivity and achieve smart manufacturing objectives with Metalworks Associates (MWA), your Smart Factory !

The international organisation Metalworks Associates was born out of a simple question: "How can we contribute to the peak growth of mechanical workshops in this phase of reindustrialisation?"


One of the main findings we have been able to establish over the last few years is the sharp increase in the needs for efficient elements intended to guarantee manufacturing reliability and agility

However, it is the cost of labour due to the lack of available and qualified staff or the surging interest rates that make any investment in the transformation of mechanical workshops always more costly.

This is why focusing entirely on endogenous growth by internalising all production resources is no longer what the intelligent investor is expected to do. On the contrary, he will favour a more profitable strategy of specialisation by surrounding himself with trusted mechanical workshops that have distinguished themselves through their know how.


At Metalworks Associates, we have chosen to bring together their know how within a single, agile, international organisation. These are mechanical workshops that are proven to be competitive, responsive, flexible, adept at challenging innovation and made up of a multi-disciplinary team.


Metalworks Associates (MWA) is headquartered in France and serves intelligent investors keen to achieve objectives like smart manufacturing, quickly and efficiently.

Visit of the workshops of Metalworks Associates


A service now along with a knowhow !

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Co founder

After more than 4 years in Germany and Belgium as a business developer and sales manager for Jacomex and Wenglor, I'm now realizing a dream: developing my own company - Metalworks Associates!

This new challenge would never have been possible without the support and kindness of Jean-Pierre Manchon. When I was just 21, he didn't hesitate for a second to take me to India to negotiate with his subcontractors. Then, a few months later, he offered me the keys to the German market. The objective was clear: create visibility to regain lost market share in Europe's leading glovebox market. 

If I decided to found Metalworks Associates alongside him in 2021, it's also to enable our customers to benefit from the unique technical know-how and innovative, "think out of the box" spirit that Jean-Pierre has always demonstrated.

Here are a few key reasons why you might want to work with Metalworks Associates

  • Rapid availability of parts without stocks in your factories: having already the possibility of delivering a project in less than a month, it is also conceivable to aim for deadlines under 48 hours based on your annual forecasts. From then on, you won't have to keep any stock, because Metalworks Associates will deliver just-in-time.

  • 360-degree production: when you start working with Metalworks Associates, you gain access to multiple, already-qualified production capacities. The risk of poor supplier selection and the hidden administrative costs of coordinating production are a thing of the past!

  • Guaranteed achievement of your objectives: Metalworks Associates is only remunerated on the basis of results. In other words, once we've agreed the price of a project together, we're obliged to achieve the defined result to guarantee a lasting collaboration. 

Are you convinced too?

I'm fluent in French, English and German, so I'd be delighted to discuss your objectives in your mother tongue.


Co founder

After more than 45 years at the helm of the Jacomex company, I decided to sell Jacomex and retire in 2019 to devote myself to my two great passions: golf and fishing!

However, my entrepreneurial spirit and fitness quickly caught up with me and led me straight to a new challenge: Metalworks Associates.

Because I couldn't really stop myself from abandoning the production floor, I decided to share my experience with up-and-coming companies in need of a little advice or perspective to optimize their production.

Typically, to kick-start the beneficial development of production capabilities, I try to focus thinking around the following questions: 

  1. How can we optimize resource management?

  2. How can mechanical parts and sub-assemblies be redesigned to reduce costs?

  3. How can we improve the production process to minimize lead times?

So, in addition to being a subcontracting platform with a network of qualified partners and collaborators, Metalworks Associates will help you choose the right method to guarantee smooth, sustainable production.

So, if you too would like to optimize your production, come and take a moment to think with me!

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